Some testimonials from people that have experienced  B.E.S.T and the benefit of Bio Energetic Work

"I began seeing Robert Bauge B.E.S.T. Practitioner for a medical condition which has since disappeared.  My energy and mental clarity have improved.  I discontinued two medications and many supplements.  At my annnual physical my labs showed normal,  my medical internist told me these labs are as good as any he has seen on anyone.  He and I were both impressed."  - Bill S.

"I also went to my primary care doctor and he was amazed at my blood test results. He asked me what I had been doing differently. Since I had lost 10 pounds since he last saw me and my lipoids were excellent... I told him about BEST and the diet I was doing and he was greatly encouraging which made me feel wonderful."  Kathie H.

"The bio energetic treatment I received from Robert was significant in grief relief due to the death of my twin sister.  It is my belief that this work allowed for our trip to morocco as planned, it was an awesome trip"  Jo B.

"Robert you are most gifted, thank you for being such a giving, spiritual being.  My knee's thank you."  Karen

"I would like to tell you how life changing that experience was. If i might clarify ... I fear no more of what others think of me. You are truly blessed with a gift and I thank you for sharing it with me. Namaste"   Elaine

"Thank you so much Robert for your time yesterday.  I have felt amazing today..." Emily

"I have had several B.E.S.T. sessions with Robert. He works firmly and gently to help me with both balancing energy and releasing toxins and blocks to the flow of love through my physical self/Spiritual SELF. Within his sessions I also feel the sense of time's Oneness, Wholeness and Goodness."  - John V.

"Thank you for the session.  I  feel better.  You channeled God's peace to me.  I am acknowledging the healing.  God bless you"  Diane

"My second symptom was Compulsive Eating, I've been a binge eater all my life...Since my first treatment with Robert my food intake has dropped 60-75%, this is thru no conscious effort on my part... Now I can only eat a third of what I used to eat, moreover I am not hungry."  Jennifer 

"Yes, thank you so much for working with me. Please do put that check I gave you through your bank. My finances have greatly improved! I have a regular job plus I have received two checks I wasn't really looking for recently."  Cathy C.

"I have had chakra clearings before but nothing as powerful as this...I could feel the energy moving all through my body.  I highly recommend trying BEST as part of your wellness strategy."  Tracie T.

 B.E.S.T. and the Essentials of Health, Happiness, and Success


"Thank you!  you have angel hands + wings! I enjoyed your presentation !"  Mary C.

"Thank you Robert for an excellent presentation last night.  It was great to connect with other holistically minded people.  I look forward to the next meetup!" Dr. Jason Dixson.  D.C.

"Truly appreciate your teaching of breathing.  It helps me center so much"   Hansong



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