Time 2 Play ?

January 10, 2017


Inspired to share some recent moments about Play...

 Play is investing in some other activity than using our mind and our day to make something happen.  When we play whether it's play with an idea,  play in nature,  or get to the playground,  we can let go and more easily flow with what comes our way.


Playing in life seems to be true to our nature, tuned into Nature.    It feels good, that is good vibes, when we tune in to our inner voice, the essence of our Self, the flow of life.   When I am playing I am away from commitments, assessments and evaluations, the to do list.  When I play there is a warm fuzzy feeling on the inside, as I  let the child within free.  (Luckily that inner child has company).   When I play I open myself up to be creative and planted in the NOW.  


Anytime the weather gets warm enough to be outside for a bit of time or even inside with some good music playing, it's time 2 play....






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Time 2 Play ?

January 10, 2017

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