Family B.E.S.T. the Basics of B.E.S.T.


This program gives you the information and tools you need to help your family have the vibrant health they deserve. And, with that powerful knowledge, you can change your life and your health forever, too! (Includes 2 How 2 DVD’s taught by Dr. Tom and Dr. Ted Morter and 4 CD’s and Workbook which walks you thru the how to process of Family procedure and more)


Your Brain on B.E.S.T.


Based on 40 years of research Dr. MT Morter Jr explaining the amazing process of brain development and how BEST affects the brain and every aspect of your life.   Your brain on B.E.S.T. study program specifically illustrates the overall development of our brain from pre-birth to the elderly.  Dr. MT Morter Jr walks you through the fascinating process of brain development in an easy to understand language. (6 CD and 1 CD-ROM interactive program and brain development guide)  Great guide for new parents wanting to create the best for their children and family.

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